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Snuggs Cozy Socks

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Elastic Thigh Grips
📏One Size Fits All
✂️Toe Cutouts
💧Machine Washable
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One Size Fits All
Ankle to knee length – 55cm
Toe to ankle length – 24cm
Circumference of calf length – 42cm

Eternal Snuggles and Cozy Nights

Say goodbye to chilly toes and say hello to cozy warmth and comfort with our Snuggs Cozy Socks. Embrace the winter wonderland with these delightful and snug socks, transforming every moment at home into pure bliss.

  • Thigh Grips

    Snuggs fit just right above your knees.

  • One Size Fits All

    Big thighs or small thighs? Snuggs will provide a perfect fit.

  • Toe Cutouts

    If you want to pop your toes out, it’s as simple as 123!

  • Machine Washable

    Wash Snuggs easily in your regular laundry.

All Day Comfort

Lined with super-soft fleece, the cozy socks are designed to be worn wherever you go. All day, every day.


    Snuggs Cozy Socks photo review
    Valerie ✅
    These have got to be the best socks I have ever had on my feet and legs! I have a rare disease were my feet and legs are always cold and uncomfortable. I can NEVER find anything that will help me. Except for these and one other pair. I'm trying to find them now. But this pair is amazing! I'm so happy! Thank you, Thank you so much for helping me feel better.....
    Snuggs Cozy Socks photo review
    Evelyn ✅
    Super happy with these, they're like fluffy hugs for my legs,I'm technically a size bigger than the intended size but its still really comfy I love them 💗 💖 💓 💕
    Snuggs Cozy Socks photo review
    Krista ✅
    Just got mine today! Ordered them later last week. They fit so good and are so comfy. I love them so much going to get them as gifts for my whole family for Christmas!
    Snuggs Cozy Socks photo review
    Melissa ✅
    Just got mine and love it. They are honestly so warm my toes and legs stay so toasty.
    Snuggs Cozy Socks photo review
    Michelle ✅
    I have CRPS/RSD in my left foot and leg. It is difficult to find products that my skin sensitivity will tolerate. These are super soft, and warm. I'm not used to having this fabric up against my skin, but I am pleasantly suprised at how it didn't irritate my leg/foot. There are even toe holes if it gets to be too much on my foot.. I'm going to be buying another pair! These are fantastic.
    Snuggs Cozy Socks photo review
    Dezz ✅
    I loved these socks they were like a pair of pants and they kept me so warm. They would be perfect under a dress during winter or shorts for sure. They are also high they go all they way up your inner thigh so they will keep your entire leg warm.
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