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Primal Suction Tug Toy

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Your dog will LOVE our Tug Toy! 

It’s no surprise when sooner or later dog lovers come home to find some unexpected damage inflicted by their dog or, more specifically, that dog’s teeth…But worry no more. Correct your dog’s chewing problem as early as possible with the Primal Suction Tug Toy! 

Chewing accomplishes a number of things for a dog. It also combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration. But this shouldn’t result to destroying things at home. With this chew toy, you can fix your dog’s biting problem as they enjoy playing for hours while you can rest-easy your things are all safe – it’s a win-win!


✅ CORRECTS BITING BEHAVIOR – Comes with 2 parts which help solve biting and screaming problems and enhance the bite force of you fur-baby:

✅ GREAT FOR TEETHING PUPS – Teething and aggressive pups will enjoy using their energy on something other than your belongings, so you can be at peace knowing your things are safe (phew)!

✅ CLEANS TEETH – The ball’s unique design is created to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth as he/she bites and plays on it, thus preventing dental diseases in the future.

✅ ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – Made with TPR and non-toxic polymer materials which are guaranteed safe for your dog to bite and use. When swallowed accidentally, they can be excreted normally.

✅ QUICK INSTALL! Simply stick on a smooth surface and it’s good to go! Your dog will have no idea why it won’t come off.

Suction Cup Tug Toy – Waggy Tails

✅ Both you and your dog will have fun playing interactive games to enhance their bite force and bring you both closer. So put your dog’s well-being in mind and get the Primal Suction Tug Toy today!


Frequently Asked Questions:

👉 Will the Tug Toy  stick to my floor?

The Tug Toy  will work on just about any smooth or flat surface, ensuring the surface you want to stick it to is clean is a great way to ensure good suction on a compatible surface! It will not work on Concrete or uneven wooden floor surfaces.

👉 Is the Tug Toy  safe?

It sure is! Many believe this toy is dangerous because it has the potential to come off of the floor, you can rest assured this is not an issue as the band that attaches to the suction cup has no elasticity and will not move far if the suction is compromised.


    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Ann M. ✅
    "My dog has a lot of fun with this toy! It sticks to the floor pretty well, It is great for stuffing with little treats and keeps her occupied and happy when I get tired of playing tug with her! Good quality materials. A worthwhile purchase!"
    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Tyler P. ✅
    As a professional dog trainer, I'm always looking for toys that provide both physical and mental stimulation. The tug toy ticks all the boxes and then some! Its innovative design encourages dogs to use their natural tug instincts while also offering a solo play option through the suction mechanism. This versatility is a game-changer for busy pet owners. I've recommended this toy to all my clients – it's an absolute must-have!
    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Hallie W. ✅
    The tug toy has transformed playtime into a joyous adventure for my pup. The suction feature keeps her entertained, and the quality is outstanding. It's reassuring to see a toy that can handle her enthusiasm without showing any signs of wear. I'm one satisfied dog owner – five stars all the way!
    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Keagan M. ✅
    I was skeptical about the tug toy at first, but it has exceeded all expectations. The suction is surprisingly strong, and my playful baby is having a blast with it. The materials used are clearly top-notch, as the toy shows no signs of wear despite intense tugging sessions. This toy has quickly become an essential part of our daily routine!
    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Arabella O. ✅
    I can't help but sing praises for the tug toy! My dog’s enthusiasm for tugging knows no bounds. This toy's suction feature keeps him engaged for hours, and the fact that it's still in perfect condition is a testament to its durability. It's a must-have addition to any dog's toy collection!
    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Melina H. ✅
    Being an avid tug-of-war player, I've tried many tug toys, but the tug toy stands out. Its innovative design takes tugging to a whole new level. The suction adds an element of challenge that keeps my dog on his toes. The quality is outstanding, and I'm thoroughly impressed with this toy's performance. Five stars all the way!
    Primal Suction Tug Toy photo review
    Mathew C. ✅
    The tug toy has brought so much joy to our playtime routine. My active boy absolutely loves the challenge of tugging against the suction – it's like a mental and physical workout combined. The quality is exceptional, and I'm relieved to have found a toy that can keep up with my dog's enthusiasm. Highly recommend!
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