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Power Ball 2.0

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💡 Super smart
↩️ Changes direction when touched
🛑 Automatically avoids objects
🐭 Imitates movements of prey
🔋 6 hours battery capacity
🤫 Quiet

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There are still instincts in every cat, which is why cats are incredibly fond of catching. It’s their favorite game. This is what POWER BALL 2.0 by Bestann is made for.

The POWER BALL 2.0 awakens your cat’s instinct to play and hunt, because this small, rolling piece of high-tech imitates the movements of your cat’s natural prey.


The Power Ball has built in the newest battery technology that allows it to fully charge in only 30 minutes. One battery cycle lasts for up to 6 hours of pure fun.


The Power Ball works on all floors, including high pile carpets. If you want to let your cat play outside, that’s no problem either. The Power Ball also works on grass.


The Power Ball has three different modes. In Smart Mode (RED LIGHT), the Power Ball is fast, avoids obstacles and reacts to touches. In Soft Mode (BLUE LIGHT), the Power Ball is slower so your cat can get used to its new toy. In Sleep Mode (GREEN LIGHT), the Power Ball does not roll, but its sensors are active. As soon as the ball is touched, it wakes up immediately.


    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Grace N. ✅
    This is the first toy that has kept my cat's attention for longer than a day. Super impressive!
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Martina T. ✅
    My cat love it . Thank you💋
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Thomas E. ✅
    Just got the toy and it looks exactly like product photos; easy to use; does work and spin around so it does keep my cats entertained !
    Lilith H. ✅
    The Power Ball has become my cat's new best friend. I've never seen her so enthusiastic about a toy.
    Viola R. ✅
    Brilliant design and the touch activation is a game-changer. Highly recommend.
    Power Ball 2.0 photo review
    Charlotte F. ✅
    Took him a minute to learn it, but now he loves it
    Martha T. ✅
    Ball as described. Cat likes it. Works well on flat floor. Without bad smell, ball turns off automatically if not touched.
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