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DonutTunnel Cat Bed

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The Most Versatile & Fun Cat Bed 😻

🐾 Combines playtime and naptime for your cat!

🐾 Durable scratch-resistant felt.

🐾 Zip apart in seconds & Easy to clean!

🐾 Super spacious interior for cats to hide and tunnel in!

Hours & Hours of fun 😻

Get ready for hours of endless fun with our DonutTunnel Cat Bed! It provides the sufficient amount of fun for your loved ones, mental stimulation and exercise to keep them fit!

Improves Quality Of Sleep

Our DonutTunnel Cat Bed is perfect for anxious cats! It is designed for comfort and security.

It’s calming and cosy environment helps reduce stress and promote relaxation, making it a great place for your cats to retreat when they need some time to themselves.

The distractions instantly reduce separation anxiety 😽

The long-term effects of not having a proper distraction for your furry friend can lead to frustration and destructive behavior.

Our DonutTunnel Cat Bed provides an engaging outlet for your cat to play, hide, sleep and chase all day long. Experience the joys of an active and happier pet while providing them a fun and comfy bed.

Unleash your cat’s natural instincts 😼

Cats are natural predators with an instinctual need to chase, hide and play. Traditional beds are unappealing because they don’t support a cat’s true nature.

Our DonutTunnel Cat Bed supports your cat’s natural instincts by providing them with a place to chase, hide and explore.

High Quality & Claw resistant 😺

It can be frustrating to have to constantly buy new cat beds that don’t end up scratched and destroyed or not used.

Our Multifunctional Cat Bed Tunnel provides more than just a comfortable resting place and fun playing experience, it offers a safe and secure home for your furry friend.

It is also claw resistant which makes it more durable than regular beds.

Our cat bed comes in two sizes for small and big cats, super spacious for your feline friends to tunnel in and hide 🐱


    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Jessica ✅ Verified Purchase
    My boyfriend got me this as a gift and my cat is in love with it
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Amanda ✅ Verified Purchase
    Our ragdoll loves her new bed n toy
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Karen K. ✅ Verified Purchase
    My grandkitty loves it!
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Judy ✅ Verified Purchase
    My cat loves this product. He plays and sleeps on the inside and outside of it and prefers it over most boxes. We have had it several months and it still looks new.
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Paula ✅ Verified Purchase
    My kitties were pretty curious at first and wanted to all be inside at once! Now they learned to take turns because they’ve discovered they are way too big to all fit!! Mrs. Puff loves to sit in the little hole on top and just watch everyone! Great purchase for my cat
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Mary ✅ Verified Purchase
    My 2 girls love this. Very sturdy Perfect hidey hole. Money well spent.
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Leo J ✅ Verified Purchase
    My three cats really like both the top and inside of this donut! It has a heavy-duty zipper that closes very securely, but is very easy to open up to clean. My two older cats like to curl up on top of it while my kitten does loops inside. It seems really sturdy, even when they're clawing the material. Super easy to clean too.
    DonutTunnel Cat Bed photo review
    Katy P ✅ Verified Purchase
    Our kittens love it
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