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Dancing Fish

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💖 Relieves separation anxiety
🐶 Eliminated boredom
🦷 Great for dental health

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World’s First Fish Kicker Toy That Moves On Its Own

Treat your dog with the #1 rated dog toy of the 2023!  It kicks just like a Real fish when touched and stops itself when left alone.

Realistic Fish Simulation

Dancing Fish not only looks like a real fish, but it also acts like a real fish as well. It will flop when touched and stay still when left alone making endless hours of fun for your Dogs!

Motion Sensor

Dancing Fish will adjust its flopping slower or faster according to the motion around it. If it detects that it’s being played with, it’ll flop faster. If it detects no motion, it’ll slow down and eventually stop.

Save energy for a more enjoyable playtime!

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Dancing Fish comes with a USB charger and a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for days after a full charge. That’s enough time to keep your dog entertained and relieve stress throughout the day.

Durable & Pet-Friendly Material

Dancing Fish is made of high-quality materials and strong paddings that protect the motor inside, so you don’t have to worry about the safety and durability of the toy being scratched or bitten by your dog.

*Not available in physical stores*


    Dancing Fish photo review
    Marques Barrows ✅
    This Dancing Fish toy is very strong!!! It's been 3 months since I bought it and it still works fine
    Dancing Fish photo review
    Sabrina Greenholt ✅
    We purchased this 3 Dancing fish for our fishing mad friends dog. It came with a charge adapter and was already pre-charged. our friends puppy was engrossed with the fish. Overall, we found the fish was a great present idea to entertain a dog (and humans 😆)
    Dancing Fish photo review
    Belle Emard ✅
    Arrived fast and perfect, super recommend.
    Dancing Fish photo review
    Cassandre Pollich ✅
    Exactly as on the photo. Good quality.
    Dancing Fish photo review
    Anika Koch ✅
    I've bought a lot of toys for my baby, but he only plays with this one. He has terrible separation anxiety whenever I leave the house and makes a mess around the house. But with this toy, it keeps him company. I am so happy with this purchase. Definitely recommend it to anyone.
    Dancing Fish photo review
    Ebony Pacocha ✅
    My puppy loves this. I bought 3 last week. My puppy has bad teething and chews on everything around the house. We can stop her from this with the Dancing Fish we bought from Playpaw. I am delighted with this purchase!
    Dancing Fish photo review
    Darrin Farrell ✅
    It's so funny to see my dog going crazy with the fish. This helps a lot with his teething. He no longer bites our furniture and breaks things around the house. Fast shipping!
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